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Case Studies

Case Studies

The race day saddling enclosure at Leopardstown Race Course.

One of the most prestigious buildings in the equine world was installed using our foundation screws.

Foundation Screws Ireland were chosen  because of our position as leaders in foundation screw technologies and because our products were up to the job.

HUS modular building, Portlaw, Co. Waterford.

A factory built modular building by HUS is installed on our foundation screws.

The HUS was craned onto our foundation screws and was ready to use within minutes.

A mid terrace block built extension highlights one of the advantages of our foundation screws. Site access is never an issue. In addition there are no spoils to remove.


Rooms Outside install bespoke garden rooms for clients ranging from home offices, granny flats, music rooms, craft rooms and home gyms.

Speed of installation is imperative and foundations are installed in hours ready for work to commence immediately. Groundworks are relatively simple as utilities and services can be installed after we have left site.

A client called to discuss a possible solution to foundation failure in a bog.

Upon inspection of the site and geotechnical testing we discovered that the bog depth was between 1500mm and 2000mm. 

Load supporting strata would have to be reached and we suggested a screw pile solution with steel plates placed under the foundations.

When the client was asked if he noticed a difference, he said “the building had stopped making noise”.

One of the most challenging jobs we have undertaken. 

Situated in a glacial valley, the ground underfoot was yielding and had no load bearing capabilities.

After completing geotechnical testing we were able to reach the load bearing strata with 2000mm foundation screws. It was determined that 40 foundation screws would be required to support the building and to provide slope stabilization.

A handheld machine was used to install the foundation screws. Without  foundation screws the contractor would have had to remove at least 200 cubic metres of spoils from an environmentally sensitive site


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