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What are Ground Screws: A ground screw is a steel screw that is screwed into the ground. The screw provides a stable foundation for your project.

How Does A Ground Screw Work: A ground screw has two main elements, a helical thread wound around a steel shaft. As the ground screw is wound into the ground the helical thread and the steel shaft encounter resistance to insertion. The greater the resistance encountered the greater the load the screw will support.

Size Of Ground Screws: The longer the ground screw is the greater the load it can support. This is because soil becomes more compacted the deeper you insert the screw – creating increased resistance on the screw.. 

How Much Do They Cost: Ground screws cost less than concrete and are quicker to install. In general your foundation will cost a quarter to a half the price of a concrete slab.

How Long Do I Wait Before Building On Ground Screws: Once installed you can start building immediately.

How Long Do Ground Screws Last: Our ground screws are made of the highest quality steel and are hot dipped galvanized. Depending on the soil type a ground screw could last 200 years in the soil without any significant wear. We give a anti corrosion warranty of 25 years.

How Do I Know My Soil Is Suitable for Ground Screws: Ground screws are suitable for all common soil types. However in some cases we can do a soil test to determine the load capability of your soil type. Screw piles are sometimes the only economic answer where soil is unstable.


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